《Global Accessories Dec.》delivered to domestic & overseas cities

《Global Accessories Dec.》delivered to domestic & overseas cities

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《Global Accessories Dec.》has begun to send it! 12 months

since the investment since the exhibition company received a lot of well-known Pearl River

Delta mobile phone accessories companies are encouraged to register. In order to allow

Chinese manufacturers to establish contact with the buyer anytime, anywhere, so the

exhibition planned to launch the “global accessories” series of magazines, December 15 to

serve the first batch of domestic areas in the domestic “global accessories December” will

be delivered Xiamen, Fuzhou, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Beijing,

Jinan and other cities in more than 30 cities, delivery is completed . Overseas will also be

officially launched on the 19th, such as Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Manila, Philippines,

Vietnam, Hanoi, Bangkok, Thailand, Moscow, Russia, Indonesia, Jakarta. Magazine “global

accessories” like a “stepping stone”, open up the information barrier between the seller and

the factory to complete the seamless docking between enterprises.


Professional team, to create the perfect quality

Design team is the “global accessories Dec.” responsible group, each member is from the

industry’s senior “predecessors”, surgeon before the magazine, the design team stressed

that the phrase is “professional is to use the responsibility Attitude to do every thing. ”

The production process lasted 2 months, from the collection of data – shooting – design –

layout – printing exhibition design group of guys day and night, without slack, carefully

check the material information, complex daily work, keeping up with project progress.

Thank you because of it, only to show a book of the “global accessories”, it is also your

efforts to show off more courage.


Adhere to good quality, focus on doing classic

“Global Accessories” is a mobile phone accessories integrated magazines, specialized

collection of massive product information, complete factory information, the latest

industry information. Whether from the number of categories to the product description,

or behind the technical services to data analysis, can truly feel that this magazine is

not just a catalog, or another connection buyers “platform.” Buyers from the “platform”

to see the manufacturer’s product information, the specific point of information can also

scan the two-dimensional code to view product details on the platform from time to time

chat consultation, if the show the same day, but also directly to your booth , Is simply a

large drainage automatic machine. Get traffic from magazines to increase order conversion.

“Global Accessories” is a magazine, is also a superb drainage platform, we insist on doing classic.


Attentive service, innovative data age

“Global Accessories” with unique APP scanning video technology to provide members

with massive information display support, innovative research and development of

two-dimensional scanning technology, accurate access to reading data, and through

the CRM system for data analysis, for example, the location, Video frequency, share

the number of about, to keep abreast of local market buyers demand, to provide data

to support the development of new markets. Online and offline combination, to create

a new era of data.


“Global Accessories Dec.” has been sent to Tianjin,
Shenyang, Jilin, Chengdu, Nanjing,
Xi’an, Hefei, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang,
Changsha, Haikou, Quanzhou, Xiamen,
Fuzhou, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Hangzhou,
Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Jinan,


The rest of the domestic cities and overseas Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Philippines Manila,

Vietnam, Hanoi, Bangkok, Thailand, Moscow, Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia cities will soon be delivered.





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“Global Accessories Dec.” partners!

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Pay attention to telephone, WeChat, mail and other contact information,

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